Of Ocean, Of Lingering Touch

Long past hum of amethyst waves

Low and rhythmic in midnight’s stupor

Still buzzing, singing, within the space between ears

Linger like its ceaseless touch

Against oblivious skin and undressed frame

In the dark solitude of sweet velvet night

That does not hold home, that does not hold back its yawn

With head resting, body resting against warm feathers and silk petals

That are not of home, yet still lull to sleep

Same feeling this night

Not of waves, but of tranquil arm

Slung about shoulders, of dancing tips of cunning fingers, which

Hums and lingers, which holds and adores

Like the ghost of a touch that lives on past the moment

One that creates a home of its own will, own construction

With an infinite comfort unrealized of its desperate need

Until ashen heart wanders

Until ashen heart wades through those fast approaching amethyst waters

Into the shared space of twilight longing that holds one and another alone

Endlessly breathing, endlessly aching, endlessly lingering, endlessly living only to love you


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