Evasence and their Girls

{a random portion of a story I had in my notes}


Hands cold and pale clasp over the ivory spills of hair that tumbled down the girl’s head.

“What is your purpose?” It was not a question.

It was a demand.

The girl looked up from the ashen floors.

“To listen. And to obey.”

Long fingers jerked the girl’s neck forward, and the owner of the fingers rested her nose nearly against the girl’s lips and breathed:

“You are mine, but I am not yours.”

The words drifted about in empty space for a moment before the girl was thrown back, hanging her head helplessly like a beaten doll.

“You will meet me in the chambers at the hour of three, when the sun is no longer visible in the sky. Until then, do as you are instructed by the moiduards.”

“Yes, my woman.”



Evil did not exist. Law was a thing of the poor man. Here, all could be done. Nothing was sacred.

The woman, with eyes the color of old age and hair the length of her sorrows, named herself Evascence. She kept her long fingers interlocked and her gaze to the world in front of her. She had already seen most of the universe and its infinite possibilities; where else better than to look ahead?

She had explored realities where she was young and beautiful, and others where she was old and refined. Yet no reality had been established where her sick thoughts had been diminished to ones of purity-or so she assumed.

The walls were endless and white. The woman clicked forward, heels like knives against metal skin. She walked in an empty channel of hallway: today, the walls would not be so endless.

The end of the wall-which was not an end or a beginning but more so an afterthought of either-held a door. This door would soon not be a door at all. The woman would just have to wait.

Today was the day…. was it not?

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